"Upon studying Serge Hamad‘s Relax series of photographs taken on Venice Beach, I felt a strange sense of calm wash over me. The framing of subjects are actually quite simple; no extraordinary or daring angulations are undertaken. Lots of shots are taken head-on, making it easy to simulate a first-person view of Mr. Hamad’s photographic beachfront world.

What proves to be outstanding are the shifts in depth of field in these works, bringing attention to details that might be easily forgotten, if not pointed out to the viewer. One may have been focusing on the seagull in the foreground, but what about the sailboat all the way out in the water? The toy-like quality given to real-life objects leads the viewer to inspect the scene with a playful eye and to look closer to take in more detail.

The brightness of the basic blues, greens, and whites evoke a sense of relaxation – almost as though you were at the beach yourself.  It’s interesting to note that this was apparently what Mr. Hamad intended with this series: he invites us to virtually jump into the sea and soak up the sun as he clicks away."

- Camille Ignacio, Art Bloger